Need a woodturner for a project?  

A number of NWWT members take on projects that can be done on a lathe.  Your request is sent to a list of active NWWT members interested in jobs.  

Some members are extremely skilled woodturners and can be counted on doing a great job.  As an organization, this is a mechanism for connecting interested parties together.

Examples of projects performed include:

  • Making someth8ng out of a special piece of wood you have - maybe from a special tree.
  • Spindle work for a crib, banister, etc. repairs
  • Custom reque4sts for a bowl or box from wood that has a sentimental value
  • Repairs on chairs backs or legs
  • If it can be done on a lathe, let us know.

Requests are generally sent out weekly. You will work directly with the woodturner, arrange your own fees, payment, pickup, delivery and timelines.

NWWT's role is only to communicate the need to those members who do this kind of work.  NWWT is not responsible for any aspects of the project.

What you need to do:

Description: Provide a brief description of the task.  A few sentences is usually enough to get people interested to contact you for more information. 

  • Photo: Include one or two photos to help explain the project.  JPEG photos work best.  

  • Simple: Keep the initial contact simple.  Allow a member to decide to contact you at which time you can go into additional detail.

  • Location: Please include your geographic location (SE Portland, Forest Grove, etc.)

  • Contact: Include preferred contact phone number and please INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THE BODY OF TEXT

  • Referral: We’re pleased if you tell us how you found out about us. 

  • On Completion: Your feedback to the jobs coordinator at the link below helps tremendously to know how we are doing. 

Send us your request - click here.  Please put "Hire a Woodturner" in the subject line.

Important Information

Oregon law requires individuals conducting construction activities within the State of Oregon to be licensed with the Construction Contractors Board (CCB). This includes construction of an improvement attached to real estate, such as installing cabinets, shelves or built-ins (ORS 701.005(5)(a)).

There is an exemption when "the cumulative price for labor and materials is less than $1000 and such work is casual, minor or inconsequential", as long as you do not advertise your service as a contractor.

We recommend you discuss this with the person if you plan to do this kind of work and they do not have a CCB license.

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