Wood Cutting Call List

26 Mar 2018 10:59 AM | Mike Porter

Per my latest VP's article, I'm composing a list of Club members who want to be advised when wood becomes available to cut.  We often and usually post such opportunities here in this part of our website, but sometimes the opportunity needs a quick response, or a wood cutting party is organized ad hoc when we can get enough folks together.  

It is not imperative that you own a chain saw, or have a pick up truck, although these are helpful.  If you're willing to come out and support the effort in any way, you will go home with fresh cut wood blanks, usually large half rounds.  Know that in these excursions we are also cutting wood that will be reserved for our annual August Picnic and Auction, so this effort does support the Club. 

If you'd like to be put on an email list, please send me your name, email and preferred phone number.  

Please note that we have on the website a "Wood Availability Forum" which you can subscribe to.  This effort I'm writing about is a bit redundant, perhaps, and we could likely use that Forum more effectively in addition to a direct contact list.  

There is now a large silver maple log and a big leaf maple down in Scappoose at a member's place just waiting for a cutting party.  

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