Woodworker's Estate Sale - June 17, 10-2

11 Jun 2017 6:03 PM | Roger Crooks (Administrator)

The Guild of Oregon Woodworkers is now inviting the three local turning clubs to their estate sales, especially if there are turning tools available.  Estate sales are a huge community service  that the Guild and recently NWWT does for families with a wood shop and tools that need to be disposed.  This is truly a win-win opportunity for both our members and the families.  Our members get an opportunity to expand their tool collections with great deals and the families get a fair price.

The next sale is Saturday, June 17 in Hillsboro.  See details under Events.

Just a reminder to think about your own shop and disposition when that time comes.  Where is the 700 pound lathe going to go and who is going to manage it.  Do your family a favor and plan ahead.  Contact Roger Crooks for details on what advice the Guild gives families.


  • 15 Jun 2017 5:09 PM | Roger Crooks (Administrator)
    Thursday we spent 50 man-hours getting this sale ready. The 40 x 40 shop was well organized and very clean and as we sent through everything, I’ve got a lot more to add to the list. It is a bit of a drive for some but I think it will be well worth it. Some important notes;
    • Parking is an issue in the neighborhood and narrow road so we will have people on the road to direct parking. Please follow their directions.
    • We will establish a list of arrivals starting at 9:00. The shop and space is large so I don’t expect a major issue with getting in shortly after 10:00.
    • People interested in Items over $100 will be sold in a mini-auction starting around 10:30 or after everyone who arrived before 10:00 have had a chance to check things over.

    I cannot list everything but I don’t think there is anything you might use in a shop that he does not have and I doubt he was ever in Harbor Freight as everything he bought was excellent quality. He was well organized with manuals and documentation for all the machines and accessories. Regardless of the type of woodworking you do, there is something for carvers, turners, furniture makers, outdoor work, house repairs, etc. Many of the items are new in box and a lot of items look to have very few hours of use.
    • Delta Midi-lathe – bed extension, out-rigger, lots of extras
    • Delta lathe duplicator – works with any lathe for duplicating spindles
    • 3 Woodriver chucks with case, Oneway drive centers, Oneway tailstock centers
    • About 15 Sorby and Packard turning tools and stand
    • Beautiful lathe bench with lighting, drawers, and dust collection
    • Slow speed grinder with Oneway sharpening jig and Norton 100 & 150 grit wheels
    • Tormax sharpening system with all the accessories and stand w/drawers
    • Tablesaw - 66 inch Delta Unisaw and extension – beautiful saw
    • An 8 inch Delta jointer
    • Delta and Jet Dust Collection system
    • Jet Spindle Sander
    • Delta Belt sander
    • High speed grinder
    • Powermatic hollow chisel mortiser
    • Dewalt planer and a second small planer
    • Shop built router tables, 3 large routers, Dewalt laminate router
    • Air compressor with hose reel, air tools, nail guns
    • Delta Drill Press - variable speed floor model, beautiful stand and cabinet
    • A ton of different size and style of clamps plus a large clamp rack
    • Measuring tools – all very high quality and both metric and imperial types
    • Lots of nice hand tools, Stanley hand planes, Marples chisel set, Sorby chisels
    • Carving tools – 3 sets of Flexcut tools in case, and lots of extras, small rasps, mallets
    • 10 8’ tables of woodworking items – you name it, we have it
    • Huge amount and selection of hardwood, maple, walnut, ash, popular, etc. Prices from less than $1 per bd ft to $3/bd ft. Lots of long lengths and wide boards.
    • 2 huge burls, small turning blocks of wood
    • Boxes and boxes of screws, nails, bolts, fasteners, washers
    • Boxes of electrical items; wire, switches, breakers, etc.
    • 1”, 2”, 3” 4” sets of casters
    • Lots of tables, cabinets, benches – all well-built and in great shape
    I hope you get the idea – we don’t see many sales like this. See you Saturday.
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